Un hombre cuenta sobre su estilo de vida mientras se maquilla para un inusual trabajo.
Lucy y Delia trabajan todas las noches, una en la esquina de la calle y la otra en la barra de la esquina. Aunque no se conocen, la tragedia de ambas juntará sus vidas hacia una nueva amistad.
When her ex-wife, Maité, calls in the middle of the night to announce she’s in labor, Ofelia has to confront an inevitable reality.
Lola is a young lesbian, poor/working class woman who has accepted an invitation to meet her father, Edgar, for the first time on the day before her symbolic wedding.
Ivan Terrible is a mural that breaths, a tongue slashing monolith, covered in symbols, like hieroglyphs that drape over artist and performer José Luis Cortés' body. Through this Avant Garde monument of skin, heart, soul and narrative, Cortés camouflages behind his multimedia persona to make you come closer.
In a celebration of the trans community in Puerto Rico, the fissure between internal and external is an ever-present battle. A unique exploration of self-discovery and activism, featuring a diverse collection of subjects that include LGBTQ advocates, business owners, sex workers, and a boisterous group of drag performers who call themselves The Doll House, Mala Mala portrays a fight for personal and community acceptance paved with triumphant highs and devastating lows. The film premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.
A young, trans man finds himself struggling between his urban lifestyle, searching for a job and surviving under his own skin.

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